SPOT Operational Modes

Stand Alone    SPOT running on a single workstation with the local data base located on the machine.  This gives a smaller store or specialty business access to all features available in SPOT in a single workstation configuration. 
Local Area  Network  

 SPOT runs on a local area network supporting 2-5,000 workstations using a single data base.  This operational mode provides operators with maximum flexibility for growth in a single store configuration with access to all features available in SPOT.

Centralized    SPOT runs on servers that are designed to provide centralized remote access using today's most advanced technologies from Microsoft.  This mode offers many benefits for management, reporting, maintenance and workstation distribution.  You have the ability to run a single store or multiple stores as needed in your operation.  This allows you to use a single customer and production data base shared across all stores in your operation. 

 Your operation will have instant access to data in all stores based on your operations security rules.  This allows centralized reporting, production controls, security, time and attendance, pricing, marketing and other SPOT related features.  You will also have one single location for backup, software updates and training using the centralized model.

 SPOT Hosting offers managed services for centralization for your operation providing all necessary hardware, software and management providing your operation managed centralization services.