About Hosting

SPOT Business Systems has been hosting our SPOT application since 1999.  In 1999 we used or Draper office and built a hosting facility within the building.  Because of growth and technical needs we found the need to co-locate in a larger managed facility.  In the summer of 2002 the search began for such a facility.

In May of 2003 hosting equipment and infrastructure was moved to Lindon, Utah and collocated in the Viawest/Center 7 data center.  This 40 million dollar facility was designed to be a high availability data center and utilizes the latest technology in security, network, power and cooling infrastructure. 

SBS hosting services started out in the new data center in 2003 with a single 40u cabinet (3) application servers, (1) data base server and has grown to (6) 40u cabinets and will be soon moving to a 10' x 20' cage.  Our current network consists of over 80 servers with (6) data base servers, (52) application servers and 12 Terra Bytes of disk storage.

 The current configuration of our hosting facility consists of over 1.6 million dollars of equipment.  This equipment is constantly being updated and optimized for peak performance and is monitored 24 hours a day.


 The current hosting service network and infrastructure includes;

 SPOT Business Systems Equipment

  • 102 Total Servers with singe or dual Xeon Processors

  • 56 Dell 17xx,18xx, 27xx, 28xx, 29xx, 701 Application Servers with 4-32 GB of RAM and Dual Xeon Processors

  • 6 Dell 2950, 701 Data Base Servers with Dual / Quad Core Xeon Processors, 32 GB of RAM, with a total of 6.7 Terra Bytes of Disk Space

  • EMC cx400 SAN with over 50 Redundant Hard Disks with Fiber Channel Interface

  • Net App's 6300 SAN with over 50 Redundant Fiber Channel Hard Disks and iSCI interface

  • 5 Terra Bytes of Disk Based Backup Using Commvault Galaxy Software

  • 5.7 Terra Bytes of Tape Backup Using an Adic 24 Tape Tape Library

  • (2) Redundant / Multi Path Foundry FESX Gigabit Core Routers

  • (6) Multi Path Foundry FGS Gigabit Switches

  • Checkpoint / Nokia Firewall

Viawest Infrastructure

  • (7) Redundant/Fail Over Internet Connections From Three Separate Internet Providers

  • (2) Separate Power Grids Providing Power to Data Center

  • 1800 KW Gel Cell UPS System

  • 2200 KW Diesel Generator with 6,000 Gallons of Fuel

  • 29 Tons of Cooling

  • 24 Hour Security and Bio Metric Access Controls

  • 24 Hour a Day On Site NOC (Network Operations Center) Providing Monitoring and Remote Hands

  • Building Designed for Data Center Usage with Data Center Located in the Center of the Building with Power, Generator, Extra Fuel and Internet Connections Located in Bunker Beneath the Data Center


Virtual Tour   

 Video Tour of Hosting Facilities - (8 Minutes 24 Seconds)