Customer - On The SPOT

"On the SPOT" comments from some of our customers attending past SPOT User conference.

Dave Fishgrund
Ziker Cleaners

"I have used three different computer systems in my operation.  SPOT beats them all hands down!  Feel free to call me!"

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Gary Maloney
Nuyale Cleaners

"I have seen production increases that I never could have imagined using SPOT"

Brian Harell
A Cleaner World
Shores Fine DryCleaning

"SPOT is always improving their programming and have developed a very powerful tool for drycleaners of all sizes"

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Robert Lightfoot
Village Cleaners

"This is THE system to use!"

Steve Arnold
Classic Cleaners

"It's great to work with a company that wants to improve it's product for their customers"

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Sandy Waite
Platinum Total Fabricare
          "SPOT is versatile, functional and easy to learn, Production controls are Fantastic"

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Wendy Ellwood
John's Cleaners

          "I can assist clerks with any issues they have from a remote location"

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Paul Brown
Jack Brown Cleaners
          "My number one feature of SPOT is the Hosting Feature "

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Charles Ikes
Madame Paulette
         "User interface is great, constant updates listening to user feedback"

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Chad Monteith
Ablitt's Fine Cleaners
        "Most valuable feature, production alert system"

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Steve Klinke
Klinke Cleaners

         "Customize SPOT, there is no other system like it"

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George Torpe
George Torpe Cleaners

         "Hosting has made us much more efficient"

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Kathy Ori
Acme Cleaners

          "SPOT has changed our Business, I love you guys"

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James Pugh
Galmington Dry Cleaners

"SPOT has revolutionized our business.  We are now more efficient, stronger and growing faster than we could possibly have hoped for before SPOT"

"SPOT data base and marketing features have led to a 100% increase in piece count through our plant and a subsequent 80% increase in NET PROFIT"

Joel Lyons
Lyons Cleaners

"SPOT grows with my business"

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Joy Calkins
Payment Processing Inc. 

"SPOT Rocks!" 

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Joyce Ure
Cudney Cleaners 

"SPOT lets us concentrate on our cleaning processes"

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Ray Rangwala
Esteem Cleaners 

"It's like a manager in a box"

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Richard Aviles
King Cleaners 

"It's a wonderful program"

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Shane Bohl
Comet Cleaners 

"I am a computer consultant, they are putting me out of business!"

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